Blind Chess
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Exhilarating and Exciting
When mentally playing blind chess and your strategies are successful and you either win a battle or you win the game that feeling of success and accomplishment can only be paralleled to hitting a home run, making a 3 point shot or scoring a goal. To win a game  mind to mind can result an a euphoria equivalent to winning a championship.
Enhance StrategicThinking
In order to play the game successfully one must combine a series of strategic and complex battles. The intellect of your opponent will generate a higher level of response on your part, avoiding as many mistakes as possible. The degree of effectiveness executed in chess strategies can be directly related to the thinking process of every day life. It will encourage you to process strategies at a higher caliber.
Build Short Term Memory
Remembering how the board is set up, the location of the pieces including pieces that are revealed when one is moved and the process of studying strategic possibilities offers a magnificent mental exercise. If you ever walked in to a room to get something and forgot what it was when you arrived, then blind chess can help your short term memory.
Blind Chess
Stimulate the mind Build Self-confidence Promote practical problem solving Wise decision - making Exhilarating and Exciting Enhance intellectual strategic thinking Strengthen short-term memory
Participate with Randy J. Phifer in learning Blind Chess. Find your way to solving problems with newly acquired precision, confidence and statgegic foresight. Learn more about vision and seeing the big picture. Blind Chess is a fun and fruitful way to grow your intellectual skills.
with no board, nor pieces

The motivational and inspirational method in teaching the game of blind chess enhances your overall life.